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Pintail Longboard for Basement

Just continuing the thought from last time.

How about using a pintail to run on the basement skatepark dream.
A pintail might be a bit long, but I found some 38 inchers in this pintail longboard  collection, so that might just work.

Would probably go for the blunt nose outer limits from Stella Longboard.


Rad design and seem great for what I want to do (even outside of the basement).

Although its probably even better to get a board with a kicktail so you can do some tricks and flip the curb.


Need to think and research a bit more….


longboards, skateboards, skatepark

Basement Skatepark Dream

Sometimes you wonder what  you do in a basement when I would be REALLY big.

One of the ideas we can up with is having a skate park / Ramp in your basement.
Working with wood is part of our daily work, but this would take things to a whole new level. We could even tryout some of the smaller longboards from Ehlers Longboards on a smooth wooden surface. I think it would be a blast.


Here something that would fit the dream – from suburban rails who design a lot of parks.


just a side thought. What would be your ridiculous basement dream?