The Latest Trends In Basement Flooring

As Homeowners you want a practicaL and innovative approach when it comes to finishing or remodeling a basement. Here’s what’s happening in four popular areas:

  • Tile Innovations: There’s no rule stating the whole floor must be covered with one material. Flooring can be mixed, in terms of usage and functions. For basement remodels, your clients might appreciate broader offerings that include porcelain tiles finished to resemble wood planks, natural stone or concrete.
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  • Carpet Squares: While carpeting may warm up the home’s basement floor, it’s not the best solution for moisture prevention. One growing trend is laying carpet squares over concrete. That way, if there are any water issues, an individual square can be ripped up quickly and the floor can be mopped before mold sets in.
  • Sustainable Flooring: More than a buzzword, this is one of the fastest-growing trends in flooring. Look for labels with certifications that guarantee high percentages of biodegradable or recycled content in carpet, ceramic tiles and wood flooring.
  • Cork: Because it’s soft and it breathes, cork may provide more comfort than a concrete floor. Plus cork doesn’t rot. If it gets wet, just sponge it up. Cork is a very durable material that’s being used more in sub-level kitchens and bars. Just be sure the product manufacturer recommends it for below-grade or basement installations.